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Equality Youth Jamaica is a youth led and focused social justice organization that seeks to promote the inclusion of diverse voices in national and youth development. EYJ focuses on creating safe spaces for young LGBT youth, allies and other marginalized youth to exist and feel a part of a safe community.

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Facebook: @equalityyouthja

Twitter: @equalityyouthja        

Instagram: @equalityyouthja

Email: equalityyouthja@gmail.com

Established in 2015, TransWave Jamaica is Jamaica’s first non-profit organization solely dedicated to focusing on promoting the health and well-being of the transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex communities. At TransWave, we take a holistic approach to advocacy, addressing not only the socio-political issues we face, but also the mental, emotional and physical health of our community through our various initiatives.

Contact Us:

Facebook: @transwaveja

Instagram: @transwaveja

Twitter: @transwaveja


Email: hello@transwaveja.org