Welfare & Support Services

The Welfare and Support Services Department consists of two sub-departments focused on building relationships and implementing activities to improve the lives of LGBT people in Jamaica. In 2020, EFAF embarked on an EU funded project around promoting the protection of economic, social and cultural rights of LGBT Jamaicans. The project aims at sensitizing different players of the ESC rights of LGBT Jamaicans and identifying the gaps that exist in terms of people not being knowledgeable about these rights that exist for them.

The project operates on three (3) pillars, that by the end of the project, we would have achieved what was outlined in these pillars. They are: 

The objectives of the project are:

Our support services department engages with persons from the LGBT community to connect them with services that they require to respond to a need/needs that they present with. The services provided by the department are referral services, psychosocial support, care packages/grocery vouchers (based on availability of funds) and programmes aimed at rebuilding relationships between LGBT people and their parent(s).