Centering LGBT Youth in national development by building bridges for youth diversity and inclusion.


EYJ is the preeminent youth voice on national development issues affecting LGBT youth in Jamaica.

Our Youth programme is managed by our in-house partner organization Equality Youth Jamaica (EYJ). EYJ is a youth-led and focused social justice organization that seeks to promote the inclusion of diverse voices in national and youth development. EYJ focuses on creating safe spaces for young LGBT youth, allies and other marginalized youth to exist and feel a part of a safe community. 

EYJ designed projects and initiatives to engage LGBT youth and their allies in advocacy, community building and volunteerism. Some of the major highlights of the project include affording youth participants the opportunity to interact with policy and decision makers at the highest level, participating in the review of key legislation such as the review of the sexual offences act, sharing their stories through our building bridges activities and other critical activities. 

The Youth Project has been able to extend its work beyond Kingston and St Andrew to reach communities in other parishes across the country. Building on the lessons learnt over the years, as the project enters its fourth year, its objective will be to deepen its impact within youth spaces, to provide development support for young participants to engage in social justice advocacy and support building public tolerance and respect for LGBT people.

Our main objectives are to: